Thursday, April 14, 2011

Decifering Allie's Subtle Signals

Here are two pictures of my son's dog Allie. One shows what she looks like when she's hinting, ever so subtly and politely, that whatever it is you're eating, it looks mighty good and she wouldn't mind at all if you'd give her a taste of it.

The other is of Allie hinting, ever so subtly and politely, that if you could spare a minute or two, she sure could use a belly rub.

Every now and then I just like to bring up my son's sweet-tempered, uncomplicated, low maintenance doggie ("low maintenance" being a relative term when it comes to pets). Allie is so subtle that her hints are almost unreadable, aren't they? It's always so hard to figure out what's going on in that cute little noggin of hers!

Allie is simply a bundle of love, there's no other way to describe her. She adores people with manic intensity. When you walk in the room, she greets you as if you're the most important person in the universe. My sister once shared this little bit of wisdom she'd heard, and it's so true: "May you be half the man your dog thinks you are."

(By the way, until today, my blog was being posted on Pacific time zone time, so it looked as if I was some crazy person up at 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. doing this; I just figured out how to put my blog on Eastern time!)

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